2020 Changes to the Use of R404A

Existing Equipment

With a GWP of 3922, R404A can no longer be used to service and maintain refrigeration equipment where the charge size is greater than 40 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent (approximately 10kgs of R404A).

Your Options:

If the system charge is above 40 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent (approximately 10kgs of R404A) use Reclaimed R404A (applicable until 2030).
If a system has a charge size below this threshold you can continue to use virgin R404A.

New Equipment

From the 1st January 2020 new stationary refrigeration eqiupment cannot be installed using R404A.

Your Options:

Use the Refrigerant Suggestions tool on the A-Gas website to receive further advice:

Alternatives may include A2L Products, Natural Refrigerants (such as R744) and Hydrocarbons.


For existing equipment, retrofitting to R448A, R449A or R452A can present a cost effective option with minimal disruption. Please be aware of later developments in the F-Gas regulation if you switch to these alternatives.


If the intended application is to cool products below -50˚C or if the product is being used in Military Applications the above rules do not apply.