Air Conditioning and a Reduction in Viruses

As a business owner, providing healthy premises for employees and customers is a vital part of your operations.

Irritants, germs and viruses can be spread by ineffective air conditioning and ventilation equipment, and with the current Covid-19 pandemic, when we all return to work, ensuring we all have well ventilated spaces is now seen to be more critical than ever to ensure a healthy workforce and productivity of staff and the overall business.

The health of your workforce could be drastically improved by installing a new system, upgrading your current system, or having a chemical clean of the current system. This could result in a reduction in sick days, and a much happier workforce.

A person’s body will use an increased amount of energy to try regulate body temperature when they feel too hot or too cold. Crucial body functions such as cognitive functions then lack energy due to it being taken from them. Therefore, if the buildings air conditioning is too hot or too cold, employees cannot function at optimal capacity, they therefore are at higher risk of developing colds, flus, headaches and allergies.

So what are the benefits of a fully functioning Air Conditioning System?

  • Temperature is regulated to a comfortable level for everyone working within the office space.
  • A fully functioning AC system produces less noise, therefore increasing employee concentration.
  • Harmful particles, chemicals and pollutants are removed from the air.
  • Airborne germs and bugs are prevented through flowing and filtered air.
  • A healthier environment and cleaner air will result in increased productivity and therefore a reduction in sick days.

Installing a modern, fully functioning air conditioning system could be one of the best business decisions made in 2020. Therefore, if you would like more information or for us to provide you with a quote, please contact us on 01923 246381 or email us at

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